Tame Your Time Monster - Free Guide
7 Steps To Put You Back In Control Of Your Time

Being someone that is responsible for motivating, managing and mentoring others, it is easy to find yourself busy helping others because you love it. You get a real buzz out of being able to make a difference. Yet you can consistently run out of time to help yourself, which results in you becoming irritable and impatient with the people you love the most. 


When We Are Time Poor We Can:

  • Struggle alone for longer than necessary
  • Repeat ineffective patterns of behaviour
  •  Make Poor Decisions 
  • ?Fail to manage our state well 


Not finding time to think, means that you invariably feel overwhelmed and find yourself stuck unable to make decisions. This results in your communications lacking clarity and before long confidence starts to seep away. The biggest frustration is that you help others to get motivated, to stay focused but you can't seem to do it for yourself.  You might think you 'should' be able to do this for yourself and so you struggle on.  But what you are forgetting is that, they have you and even the motivator needs motivating at times. 

That's why we created Tame Your Time Monster - a free guide you can do from the comfort of your own space that will quickly make sense of what happens and give you practical ways to change the response.

A 7 step process that you can do for yourself, by yourself to gain clarity of what you would like to have happen and whilst unravelling how the story you tell yourself about time is impacting you. 

You will learn how:

  • To ask questions that change your focus and therefore change the response.
  • Language describing time impact your energy, motivation and drive.
  • What you choose to give your attention to determines your success and happiness
  • Looking back can actually move you forward in time
  • Tone and pace can impact you emotionally
  • To trust yourself and your abillity to manage yourself and time effectively 
  • To update your time story and turn your time monster into a resource for life.



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Tame Your Time Monster - Free Guide