Successful Business Minds

Successful Business Minds is a book filled with great insights into how you can have a better relationship with your finances so you can have a successful business (& life!). It brings together psychology, finance, and spirituality by showing you how you can have a successful business that is aligned with your passion and purpose.

I met Helen at one of the book mentoring workshops and instantly fell in love with her style and authenticity.

This book challenges you to evaluate the rules you are living your life by and how you can stick to your values and still earn money!

It asks you to consider what your beliefs and experiences are around money and success.

It explains how you current thinking it impacting your actions and shows you how to identify any blocks to money and success you may have. And more importantly how to change them.

Helen also shares some great finance, marketing and time management tips that have worked for her and her clients.

This book is a great example of a coach walking her talk and doing more of what she loves which why it gives me great pleasure to promote it here.

You can watch a video on her being interviewed here:

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 “Successful Business Minds is a refreshing read. Finally, an accountant that gets no matter how much you tell me I need to make a profit I cannot act unless it ‘feels’ right. A practical and lovingly written book that I believe will inspire heart centred businesses not only to survive but thrive. Which has to be a good thing. We all need to be supported at difficult times in our life and those that run holistic businesses often do that at the expense of their own health and family. This book will not only inspire you to charge what you are worth but also to value your time. I like to think that it could also inspire other kinds of businesses to become more heart centred.”

Sheryl Andrews, The Strength and Solution Detective, Step by Step Listening

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Successful Business Minds