Motivate, Manage or Mentor - £1600
8 One to One Sessions

  • Know you have to be better at listening? 
  • Want more confidence asking questions?
  • Does your growth of your business depend on your ability to deliver and receive effective criticism?

Motivate manage or mentor is made up of 8 one to one coaching sessions where you will learn how to manage your critic whilst listening to or delivering criticism. It is not easy to tell others when things are not working or perhaps when things don't make sense to you.

Step by step you will develop greater awareness of what you need to work and live with others effectively whilst developing your understanding of what you need to listen, question and respond to criticism effectively.

Communication skills are paramount to your success and happiness. it is easy without self awareness to become irrationally irritable and find yourself reacting rather than responding. 

Safe to speak without fear of upsetting others

Learning how to manage your critic can ensure you and those you support feel safe to speak.

To do that you have to both be able to manage your critic and listen without judgement or assumption to the thoughts and opinions of others even when you don't at first like what you hear. 

Managing Your Critic

What if criticism and compliments were like receiving gifts from a friend?

What if you could control your response and not be so emotional?

What if you could speak up and have difficult conversations without fear?

If you want to be the best listener you can be and yet you are struggling to keep your opinions to yourself then please do join us on this retreat.

If you want to be better and more confident asking questions then this is the space for you.

And if you know you are too sensitive to criticism or you have to motivate or manage someone that is then this programme is for you. 

This package includes: 

  • Setting up for success 
  • Learning at your best in a group
  • Working at your best in a group
  • Living at your best in a group - Working, learning and living all at the same time
  • Listening at your best
  • How to ask good questions?
  • How to give and receive critcism?
  • Next steps 

Added Bonuses

  • Access to Manage Your Critic on line library and peer support mentor group
  • Access to motivate manage or mentor peer support mentor group
  • Wealth Dynamics report - instantly understand your pathway to wealth

Not sure if this is right for you then book a call and let’s chat or drop me an email.

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Motivate, Manage or Mentor - £1600