Motivate, Manage or Mentor - £1600
8 One to One Sessions

  • Want to be better at listening?
  • Want to have more confidence asking questions?
  • Know you need to be resourced to give and receive feedback

Motivate manage or mentor is 8 modules of one to one coaching sessions where you will develop three core skills and develop a better understanding of what you need to work, learn and live with others. You will leave with patterns, processes and practical ways of motivating; managing and mentoring yourself through change. 


Be the best version of you

Whether you want to be the best leader; best manager, best parent or best enterpreneur it is all starts with personal leadership. 

This package includes: 

  • Setting up for success 
  • Learning at your best in a group
  • Working at your best in a group
  • Living at your best in a group - Working, learning and living all at the same time
  • Listening at your best
  • How to ask good questions?
  • How to give and receive critcism?
  • Next steps 

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Motivate, Manage or Mentor - £1600