Do, Delegate or Ditch - £1600
8 Modules - One to One coaching - Developing the tools to manage yourself and your time

  • Do you want to be better at making decisons under pressure?
  • Do you want to be better at planning and managing your time?

Going Around in Circles and Feeling Stuck

When you are spinning many plates and working hard to keep everyone happy it can feel like a hopeless task. If you keep trying different things and getting the same results it is easy to lose confidence. This short intensive personal development course will give you the foundations to understand what you want and what would be happening if you were working; learning and living at your best.

You will explore what needs to happen for you to improve three core skills@

  • Decision making
  • Time management
  • Planning

Unlike traditional training course this is about coaching you to understand what is happening and what has worked for you. It is about creating a foundation of what you already know and learning to adapt and improve your existing process rather than teaching you a whole new process.   

I am so confident in this process I offer a full money back guarantee. If you show up to every appointment, take action and do the homework and respond every week to the accountability emails and you are not 100% with the change that happens - I will give you a full refund. 

Not sure if this is the programme for you? Get access to my diary here and let’s chat?

Do, delegate or ditch is a run as  8 one to one coaching sessions. 

It includes:

  • Do Delegate or Ditch Workbook
  • 8 Modules exploring:
    1. Setting you up for success
    2. Learning at your best
    3. Working at your best
    4. Living at your best and what happens when you have all 3 at the same time
    5. How to make good decisions?
    6. How to manage time at your best? 
    7. How you plan for success?
    8. Next Steps


Please get in touch and let's discover if this is your next best step.

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Do, Delegate or Ditch - £1600