7 Day Make It Happen Motivator
Gain clarity of what you want and the motivation to make it happen

Proven Strategies That Work

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Has Already Transformed Hundreds Of Lives By Transforming Thoughts Into Action  

Don't know why you don't do it what you say you want to do? 

Feel like you never have time for the things and people that matter?  

Would you like to do more of what you love and learn to love what you have to do?    

The decisions you make, each and every day have the ability to transform your life or turn it upside down. 

Right now during the Covid 19 pandemic many  have had their world turned upside down and what used to work is either no longer working or no longer available. Then there are those that are loving lockdown but worried about how they are going to stay motivated when life gets back to 'normal'???


Whether you want to gain motivation or sustain it, this seven day intensive will give you the tools and resources to listen carefully to what works for you whilst being inspired by others as they share their models.  


Whether you feel concerned about the future or frustrated with your present,  I'd make a guess that you want to understand why you don't act when you know you really want to make it happen, whatever 'it' is.  Or maybe you have suddenly found what works for you and you want to know how to hold on to it and not lose it again.  


Many assume motivation is something they should be able to do for themselves by themselves. They assume it is a one person job and for some it is. What many don't understand is how we each listen can and does impact how we make sense of the world and that impacts our decisions and our motivation. And of course our motivators change. What worked when we were a teenager won't be the same as an adult and so we need to be able to tune in and update our models. 


When you know the questions to ask and how to listen you will have the tools at your finger tips to tune into your motivation whenever you need it. 


 When you are listened to in a particular way it can give you access to wisdom that you simply cannot access alone.  


In the age of information there is never a lack of free resources, opinions and suggestions but few offer you time and space to listen to  yourself on a deeper level.  


When you give yourself time to stop, think and reflect you create time to develop solutions and strategies with 'your' strengths in mind. 


Join us as I take you through a simple 7 Step Strategy to gain clarity of what you want whilst makeing sense of where YOUR motivation comes from. 

  • Make it happen will help you to understand what you want, why you want it and who do you want it for.  
  • Make it happen  will help you develop the listening skills to manage yourself, your time and others more effectively. 
  • Make it happen will give you insights into where your motivation comes from and how you can activate it.   
  • Make it happen  will provide you with access to a community that will support you as you grow and change
  • Make it happen  will resource you to ditch the critic that says you can't. 

And you can get all of this in just 7 days.  

7 Day Make 'It' Happen Motivator

  • Gain clarity of what you would love to do more of during and post COVID 19 pandemic 
  •  Discover where your motivation comes from and how to harness the power of you
  • Learn to take action and celebrate change daily
  • Change the way you listen to and manage criticism 
  • Develop tools and strategies to gain and sustain motivation

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7 Day Make It Happen Motivator