Sheryl Andrews
Do, Delegate or Ditch Facilitator

Sheryl founded Step by Step Listening in 2008 and has consistently worked in partnership with her clients to update and improve the programmes available.

Sheryl has a diploma in personal performance coaching with The Coaching Academy and is a certified Clean Language facilitator and has developed her own unique model for facilitating groups. There are so many advantages to learning in a group and yet those that are sensitive the needs and wants to others can find groups challenging. The power group model gives the individua time and space to develop the skills to ask for what they need to work, learn and live in a group with others. 

By listening to her clients Sheryl designed:

  • Clarity Confidence & Change – Gain Clarity – Build Confidence – Make and Celebrate Changes
  • Do, Delegate or Ditch  - Gain more confidence and Improve your planning and decision skills
  • Motivate, manage or mentor – Gain more confidence and learn how to filter feedback so you don’t take it personally

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Sheryl Andrews