Lesley Holyoake
Clarity and Confidence Retreat Facilitator

Lesley is a certified clean language facilitator, power group facilitator and Tellington Touch Practitioner 1 who works in collaboration with Step by Step Listening.

Lesley started as a client then worked in partnership with Sheryl to develop many of the programmes you see today.

Lesley has provided invaluable feedback over the years and went onto to design her own taster session called Horse Talk. This session combines Lesley’s love of horses, the power of metaphor and the power group model. I personally attended the first session and was really amazed at how much information and insight I gained about myself by reflecting on what a photo of horse represented for me. I know that Lesley is continuing her professional development and it is her hope and aspiration to be able to use this same model in a field with horses in the future.

Nowadays Lesley runs the Clarity and Confidence retreat which ensure that the founder Sheryl Andrews has the suport to listen to herself.

Lesley works with individuals who want to be more resourced to be true to themselves and would like to feel as comfortable around people as they do animals.

To find out more about Lesley you can read her case study here.

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Lesley Holyoake