Talk - How To Confidently Follow Up Business Without Fear 9.30am to 11.30am
3 Practical Steps to Improve Your Follow Up Process

How to confidently follow up business

      opportunities without fear!


Friday 18th October - Doors open 9.30am



with Sheryl Andrews from Step by Step Listening



One of the most common reasons given for not following up a business opportunity is time; when in reality it is usually fear of upsetting someone; being seen as pushy; too salesy or even desperate. And yet our customers expect us to care about them and follow up. So how do you show that you care without upsetting them?


Sheryl Andrews, author of Manage Your Critic - From Overwhelm to Clarity in 7 Steps, will explain how you can get clarity of what works for you what works for your clients in 3 simple steps.



You will leave with:


  • Questions that help you gain clarity of what you want
  • Practical ways to develop your confidence in your own follow up process
  • Know when and how to adapt your response to suit the needs of your clients

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Event Venue

Churchdown Community Centre
Parton Road