Make Your Book Happen Day - £97
Virtual Retreat From the Comfort of Your Own Space

Are you sick of setting time aside to make your dreams a reality, only to find something or someone distracts you?

Do you know that you're getting in your own way, but want 2018 to be the year that you'll finally make it happen? 


In our recent survey, with business owners and authors they said their greatest struggle was finding time to take action.


It can be hard to allocate time without being distracted by the wants and needs of others which is why our clarity and confidence retreats provide the perfect space to escape and clear your mind. But it is not always viable to take the time so this year I have partnered with Karen Williams Book Mentor and Coach to provide a virtual retreat from the comfort of your own space. 

You see some people struggle because they cannot find the time and so the simply act of booking and commiting to the time slot means you make an appointment with yourself.


Others find the time to sit down to write or do a particular task ,and still find that nothing happens.


If you are finding yourself with time to take action and yet you don't - that is the time to ask for coaching.

Coaching provides you with space and time and targeted questions that make you think differently and give you a new perspective. 

Coaching can ensure you have a clear plan and a clear starting point so that you know exactly how to measure and celebrate change as it happens and more importantly the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. (Often it is not as big as you might think) 

Maybe you have given yourself space, time and you have a clear plan and still nothing happens.

Sometimes you just can't get that clarity and confidence of the next step or why you don't take action.

Soon your head becomes a fog and you quickly lose momentum and focus.

If you know you want and need more motivation, clarity and focus then seriously consider our make it happen days.

This is a small group of 10 working exclusively with two highly skilled coaches who will challenge your thinking. 

When you invest time with a coach or a mentor, then  you are more likely to do the right thing first and actually finish.


‘Make It Happen' days will provide you with access to peer support from other business owners, and two coaches who have written and published six books between them, and grown their business to create a life that works for them and helped many others to do the same.

You will get Karen and Sheryl for a whole day with coaching, support, and advice when you need it, and accountability to help you to get on and make 'it' happen! Whatever IT is for you. For some it will be about making their book a reality. But for you it might be about simply having more time to sleep or rest or laugh.

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'Make It Happen' days are perfect if you:

  • Want to focus on your desired outcome but you'd prefer not to travel to a different location.

  • Need to plan and need space and time to get your thoughts out of your head

  • Would like to know that you have protected time to take action as well as think about what you want

  • You know you work better when you are accountability to someone else and have support to keep on track.

  • Know you have a pattern of procrastinating, so you love the idea of being able to get coaching, advice and support as you need it.

  • Know that committing to a day or four will help you to turn your dreams into reality. 

  • You want to hear how others work and gain insights, short cuts and tips to support your growth.

  • Need a boost to get you back on track

How does it work?

We have our first call at 9am so that you can check in with us and set your intention for the day.

You will explore how you need to be and what kind of resources or support you might need.

Not only will you gain clarity to maximise the time allocated on the day, you will gain insights and awareness of what you need to do to make it happen at other times too.

You'll get to mastermind with likeminded people, find out more about them and their processes without being distracted or feeling responsible to solve problems for them.

Then the Zoom link will be open all day and you will be able to check in with us if you find yourself being distracted or getting stuck.

You can ask for coaching, mentoring and feedback at at time and there will be large chunks of time for you to 'do' the work. Whether you want to de-clutter your mind or your space, write your book or simply plan for success this space is flexible and you can use to work in the business or on it. 

We will then gather together as a group periodically to review what has happened, taking a formal lunch break 1pm to 2pm.

During lunch we invite you to connect and chat to each other, and after lunch we will set intentions again and repeat the process.

Then at 4pm we will gather together for a one hour review and celebration of what you have achieved and finish at 5pm

Are you ready to make it happen?

For the 'Make It Happen' days to work for you, you do need to be committed to the day. Ideally this is your entire focus and you will be open and willing during the group calls to listen to yourself and others on the call for inspiration and insight. The downside of being virtual is that it is easy to be distracted so please ensure you create a sacred space for yourself and communicate to clients, family and friends you are not available. 

The days will be run entirely online via Zoom and you can join us for just £97 per day or live at one of our Clarity and Confidence Retreats for just £160

That's a bargain when you can tap into the knowledge of your peers and great coaches whenever you need them on the day.

To make the most out of the day, you'll get access to the Get Started workbook here and a setting you up for success sheet at the time of booking. 


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