Do, Delegate or Ditch Charity Pilot Mastermind
12th June, 10th July & 9th Aug 2018 - 7pm to 9pm BST

Are you ready for change? 

Do you want to make better decisions and have more time for your own health and well being? 

Are you someone that is curious about their own personal development and committed to making the world a better place both now and in the future?

And at the same time you are struggling with your time monster so the things and people that matter to your success and happiness are suffering.

What if you could learn how to make good decisions that served you, your family, your business and the planet as a whole?

What if you coudld have it all?  

The good news with increased awareness of what and who matters to you. With increased understanding of how you make decisions and the impact that has on others you can learn to ditch the rules, beliefs and stories that you have been told or are telling yourself that prevents you from living your best life.

When you are juggling so many variables our decision making process can become complex and overwhelming.

Overwhelm can leave you feeling stuck, misunderstood and a failure.

You might even feel at times like you are merely an observer of your own life.

And yet despite trying to make decisions that are for the good of all involved your own health, wealth and happiness is being affected and if we going to make this world and our own private world a better place it starts with you. You matter, you make a difference and so you needed to also be included in all your decisions.  

Do, Delegate or Ditch Charity Pilot Mastermind

This programme will consist of a Facebook group and access to pre-recorded training modules and downloadable workbooks and resources, as Icreate and record them over the next 6 months and as founding member you will get access to the online resource for life. (This will be going on sale in October  for an initial investment of £4000 for a 12 month mastermind) You can get it for £75. 

This initial pilot will also include 3 monthly live group coaching calls

It is a pilot group because I am pulling together 30 years of knowledge and wanting to work out what to include and what not to include for book number 2 "Do, Delegate or Ditch - How to make good decisions and tame your time monster" 

So you will be asked for feedback on the video and content.

The wisdom is tried and tested I have been doing this for 30 plus years but it is new for me to teach it on line and write it in a book when I won't be there to guide the person through the patterns and processes, so I need friendly willing participants that will embrace the learning and give me feedback on the way it is delivered. 

This wil be an emergent learning space where we collectively work to do more of what we love and ditch the critic that says we can't.

Personally I have some big goals like:

  • Complete the first draft of this book
  • Lauch an online mastermind group by Oct
  • Lose 33 lbs to raise money for Square Pegs Charity for whom I am patron, trustee and volunteer. 
  • Have fun and enjoy life to the full 

And I want to support you to do the same. 

You can get access to 30 years of wisdom regarding motivating, mentoring and managing yourself, time and others. 

You will get time and space to be coached and mentored on how you make good decisions. 

When the mastermind group is launched in Oct 2018 after the initial investment of £4000 there will be a  maintenance fee of £97 per month. But you as a founding member will be offerred the opportunity to sign up for just £75 per month and 50% of your payment will be donated to good causes which for 2018 and 2019 will be Square Pegs Charity

For this pilot you can get 3 months for just £75. That is just £25 per month and life time access to my pre-recorded wisdom and you can make a difference to the centre. Your donation will ensure the rent is paid June, July and August and potentially together we can keep that rent paid. 

And all the monies will be paid direclty to the charity via this page here.

Ready to start simply donate £75 to the charity page and drop me a message via the contact page here

What if you could:

  • Fully understand and model out how you make good decisions and could apply that to all areas of your life?
  • Fully understand your emotions and feelings behind your decisions?
  • Explain your decision in a logical and easy to understand way?

By working in groups we gain insights we can never gain on our own and I am so excited about the launch of this programme because I know it will change your life and with my pledge to donate 50% of the maintainence premiums I can make a difference to my community to.

When you have clarity of what you want and the confidence to ask for it amazing change is possible.

Not sure if this is the programme for you? Get access to my diary here and let’s chat?

Don't like the idea of group coaching but absolutely know you have to get things sorted then check out my other programmes where I will be donating 10% of all sales in June, July and August to the charity. 

Still not sure please do request access to my diary and book a time to chat to me about what is not working for you now and explore whether Do, Delegate or Ditch is the your next best step.

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Do, Delegate or Ditch Charity Pilot Mastermind
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On line via Zoom and Facebook group
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