About Step by Step Listening

Our Vision

Creating global unity through improved communication and collaboration in the workplace.

Core Values

Honest, Fair and Value

Our Mission

To resource one million entrepreneurs to create peer support networks that educate, empower and encourage fair and honest conversations where everyone feels heard, understood and valued.

The Founders Story

Step by Step Listening was founded by Sheryl in 2008, because she was determined to share the lessons she had learned that transformed how she made sense of her world. At first she really did think that all that was needed to improve relationships was better listening skills. 

But sadly, she made the same mistake many do and she spent many hours teaching others the lessons she needed to learn.

She worked for 5 years supporting others to have better relationships and how to make better decisions by improving communications and collaborations at home and in the workplace. But when it came to her own life she was blind to her own wisdom and guidance and therefore failed to take her own advice. She was saying one thing to her clients and doing in another thing in her own life. 

Her work consumed her thoughts and her time. Work gave her a sense of purpose. She felt like she was making a difference. Whilst at home the rewards for her efforts were less visible and therefore she like so many of her clients started to miss the small changes. The things that were out of the ordinary. Instead of thinking; this anger is not normal she found herself lacking the patience and tolerance she so desperately wanted to display. 

Eventually her relationship with her own teenage daughter broke down and her daughter had no other way to express her emotions other than self-harming and anger. After a rather calm conversation her daughter left home deciding that she would rather be homeless than live at home. 

Sheryl was heartbroken and it felt like her world was falling apart. The more she failed at home the harder it became to feel successful at work. 

She found herself repeating the patterns and behaviour she knew didn't work. To make matters worse she was observing herself and criticising herself more because she know that her clients had been successful in changing their behaviour and now she was failing.

By now Sheryl had created the 3 core programmes to educated, empower and encourage her clients to listen so that they were able to: 

  • Gain clarity of what they wanted

  • The confidence to communicate their decision

  • The skills and resources to listen to criticism to allow collaboration  

But she has missed one thing out. Her clients had her and the Step by Step Listening Network but she had no one she felt she could talk to. (Or so she thought) She felt shame that she could not do this for herself and worried her business would fall apart if she admitted her failings. Despite knowing how powerful it was for her clients to be heard without judgement she deprived herself of the same space and privilage assuming and judging others not to be willing or able to listen to her pain. 

Sheryl lost sight of her own needs. As she wept on the bedroom floor saying to her husband; "How come I can help all my clients make better decisions and have better relationships but I can't do that for our daughter?" That is when he asked her what she would tell her clients to do. The truth is that she knew what to do; but what she didn't have was someone like her that would listen and reflect back her words so that she could listen to herself. She didn't have someone that would smile and reassure her that she was okay and that she has got this and tell her that she was not alone and they believed in her. Her husband was and always is supportive but he is a man of few words and encouragement is not something he naturally does; he assumed his wife to be confident and capable and that she had this all sorted. He admired her patience and did not recognise the areas she deemed not to be working. 

That day she reached out and asked her team, her husband and her mentor to take her through her own programme.

Step by step they took her through her own programme giving her the space and time to think; reflect and make good decisions. 

It took nearly 3 years to rebuild the relationship with her daughter; they went from being able to spend 10 minutes to 10 days without arguing and step by step they learned to understand what they each needed to work, learn and live together. Now they are great friends and Sheryl says her daughter is one of her best mentors, teachers and coaches. 

It takes courage to admit we need help and even more so if the thing we now need help with is the thing we usually help others with.

Worse still is when we know we need help but don't know what kind of help and so don't know where to start to get the help.

Work and home are our foundations for life and most of us can cope if one is not working but both at the same time can be the tipping point. Having a gret support network outside of both home and work can provide you with a life long stabiliser. A space you can show up in and talk about whatever it is you need to be the best version of you. It is not compartmentalised into work or home. Personal and business are not separate because it is about you and what you need to work, learn and live your best life. 

Today Sheryl and her collaborative partners work with entrepeneurs who recognise the importance of collaboration and communication skills to manage and create change at home and in the workplace. They know that telling people what they want is not enough and they have to listen to bridge the gap between what they say and what others hear. 

Change is uncomfortable and yet it is possible when you create the right peer support. A team and family that are resourced and supported through change will be more prodcutive and effective. Giving space and time for living life to the full. 

Everyone matters and everyone has their part to play.

You matter and you are on purpose and you add value.

Are you listening for the difference you make?

Are you listening for the difference others make?

When you know how to listen for strengths and solutions amidst all the chaos and noise then you can connect in way that allows everyone to show up and do their best work and live their best life.

It is our aspiration you wil create peer support networks that encourage, educate and empower listening skills that transform the way we each create and manage change in our lives.