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Increasing Harmony, Efficiency & Productivity By Changing The Way You Listen

Listen, Lunch & Learn

 Introduction To Step by Step Listening

10 Principles To Improve Your Listening Skills

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Do, Delegate or Ditch

Improve How You Listen To Yourself

Make Good Decisions & Know When To Delegate

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Manage, Motivate or Mentor

 Improve How You Listen To Others

Learn How To Let Go & Delegate Effectively

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  • Are you someone that works hard to provide for the people that matter to you?
  • Are you aware your listening skills could be holding you back?
  • Would you like to increase harmony, efficiency and productivity?

Important relationships are affected by your listening skills and communication patterns every day.

When it is working it is great, but when you find yourself stuck in a rut or going round in circles it can be frustrating and can quite literally drain your energy. You might find yourself working hard to provide for the people that matter but never really getting time to spend with them. 

When you improve your listening skills life becomes easier and less complicated. You gain greater understanding about what is important and learn to prioritise, let go and delegate. Freeing up your mind and time. 

You can develop tools to increase customer retention and customer referrals. You can make good decisions faster and achieve harmony both at home and work when you improve how you listen.

What we noticed over the years is that our clients found it hard to listen if they lacked clarity, focus and direction.  Do, Delegate or Ditch is time to gain that clarity whilst develop tools and strategies to plan at  your best. It is an iterative process and you can attend this programme as a one off or come time and time again, each time taking your skills and awareness to the next level.

For those that know exactly what they want but find them stuck when it comes to asking for helping or motivating others. Manage, Motivate or Mentor provides you with dedicated to learn how you and others learn and process information. Time to develop your questioning skills and the most valuable skill of all. How and when to give feedback. Whether you are wanting to motivate yourself, a team, your clients to buy or your teen to clean their room this programme will open up doors to new ways to listen. 

Want to increase harmony, efficiency and productivity?

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What our clients say:


The simplicity of your program makes it applicable to any issue. Your compassion is truly inspirational. I recommend this program to anyone who is struggling to find their way through.

Kelly Seech Florida USA

I now know that if you make time for self development it pretty much solves everything.

Nick Clegg Fareham UK

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